30 Apr 2021
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How To with John Wilson

How To Improve Your Memory

John Wilsons "How To ..." TV show focused on memory improvement recently, and the Mandela Effect got a look in including the conference. Chris Anatra gave an insight into the problems caused by the confusing change to various brand names.

The show started off generally, covering some useful techniques people have found to retain information better in their heads, and an interview with a world-class memory expert.

It then went into a supermarket, where, who should be there but the one and only Chris Anatra, a name well-know to the Mandela Effect community. Chris pointed out on the shelves the various brands which have been associated with the Mandela Effect, then went back to his office showing how even the food distribution software his company markets can be affected too.

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Mandela Daze

BREAKING! The Mandela Effect is confirmed!

News just in - we have the exclusive on the Mandela Effect being confirmed for real. 

"Mandela Daze" has the scoop - it features a couple of regular dimwits "navigating a world where a real Mandela Effect" happens every day.

This blockbuster is brought you you in the form of a "Rick and Morty"  style animated cartoon, funded via Kickstarter.

The plan is to make the best show in history. The pilot is done, and the kickstarter campaign is to fund 3 seasons of 12 episodes each.

From the Story page:

As the world plunges into chaos with the once-mythical "Mandela Effect" scientifically confirmed, two dim-witted losers navigate the sci-fi glitches and anomalies introduced into their daily lives in an attempt to keep their pointless existence as unaffected as possible.

-- Mandela Daze

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Tik Tok user's Magic Mandela Effect phone

Old smartphone "sees" Mandela Effects?

Here's something pretty far out regarding the Mandela Effect. A user on Tik Tok called "@thethoughtpolice" has posted a set of videos which are supposed to show Mandela Effects in real time when viewed through his old Blackberry smart phone. That is, when you look at something directly, it appears normal, but when you look at is through the smartphone, the screen shows it as Mandela Effected.

Most are dismissing this as an elaborate hoax, but the effect is pretty cool and thought provoking nevertheless.

In one, he holds it in front of the Fruit of the Loom logo, which only shows a cornucopia when you look at what it shows on its screen. Another shows Pikachu with a black tail as the actual cartoon is playing live. If this were real one heck of a lot of arguments would be settled!

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IMEC 2020

LIVE STREAMING: June 20th-26th 2020 from Connecticut

Here's the livestream link: IMEC 2020

The 2020 International Mandela Effect Conference takes place between June 20th-26th from Conneticut, and will be streamed live on Youtube throughout. Come join many respected names in the field to gain valuable insights on this fascinating phenomenon that's taking the internet by storm.

Visit IMEC World.

REVELATIONS of the Mandela Effect

The conference mission statement:

At this time of humanity’s potential Great Awakening, we, the International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC), unite in mission to inspire, empower, and unify all curious observers. Through the evidence presented as the Mandela or Quantum Effect we bring into this phenomenon’s own alignment truths which have proven themselves timeless in all religions, spiritual practices, and scientific findings. Together we Go. Together we Grow.

-- IMEC 2020

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Alternate Memories Data

How big is a "group"?

There's something at the heart of the Mandela Effect which has been troubling from the start.

Most people know it's when a group of people have an alternate memory of something for which there's no evidence today, but the definition of group is vague. Technically, and mathematically, it's just more than one. but that isn't very satisfactory for obvious reasons. At the other end too, it's hard to say just how many trigger it - is it more than 100? More than 1000? Who defines all this anyway? Whilst there's certainly no "Mandela Effect police" regulating this, it's also true a consensus has been obtained which is generally understood.

Real numbers

To address this, the online survey was started in Jan 2018. This randomly asked a simple "current" or "alternate" ME question, collected the anonymous data, and performed analytics. At the least this would collect some hard numbers on that group problem, and there might be a bonus as more trends/patterns might be spotted.

The analytics were published from January 2019. Already some interesting results came out, but the real excitement came in January 2020 when the 1 million question count was passed.

Recognising there are other ways and tools to perform analytics than we have at our disposal, it was decided to release this 1 million question data set into the public domain. The hope is that others can process it with a greater change of finding a pattern than we could alone. Conveniently, this data set cover the two years from 2018 to 2019.

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Chris Anatra

A whole new kind of bug

The idea behind the Mandela Effect is there is no evidence the past has changed apart from a group of people's recollection of it. This means no records of the original memory can be found.

The theories around how this could happen range from a split in the time stream, where at some point in the past, in line with the many-worlds theory, a slightly different "copy" of an existing universe was created, to some kind of sinister mechanism able to amend all the records in an existing one, such as it being a simulation. All these theories have in common the idea that somehow human memory, for a group of people, can survive these changes.

Recently the Company President of NECS, Inc., Chris Anatra, has made an announcement regarding how the Mandela Effect could affect business. He runs a well-established ERP food distribution software company, so naturally the integrity of his customers data is paramount. However, if the Mandela Effect were to change any records, they all would be changed in a consistent state, and not suddenly become corrupt or mismatched as they would with a regular computer bug.

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New Mandela Effect movie coming summer 2019

The Mandela Effect is due to get the big screen movie treatment later this year. OK, so it doesn't specifically focus on the ME, but the main theme is certainly those aware of it will recognise.

Our hero, a struggling musician, takes a tumble on his bike and all seems normal when he wakes up. That is, until he plays a Beatles song on his guitar, which no-one listening has heard before! Or any Beatles tracks. That's right - he wakes up in a world where the Beatles never existed, yet he is well aware of their music and can play their songs. He does this, and due to their sheer quality becomes as famous as they were. The clever title of the movie is "Yesterday", and it's sure to cause a stir among the parallel world theorists too.

Directed by Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, 28 Days later, Sunshine etc) , the movie is set to premiere on 4th May, 2019 and stars Himesh Patel.