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How To with John Wilson

How To Improve Your Memory

John Wilsons "How To ..." TV show focused on memory improvement recently, and the Mandela Effect got a look in including the conference. Chris Anatra gave an insight into the problems caused by the confusing change to various brand names.

The show started off generally, covering some useful techniques people have found to retain information better in their heads, and an interview with a world-class memory expert.

It then went into a supermarket, where, who should be there but the one and only Chris Anatra, a name well-know to the Mandela Effect community. Chris pointed out on the shelves the various brands which have been associated with the Mandela Effect, then went back to his office showing how even the food distribution software his company markets can be affected too.

Mandela Effect in the Media

It's always interesting to see how popular mainstream TV covers the Mandela Effect, and this episode, from HBO, did a pretty thorough job without being condescending or mocking it, the way it's been portrayed elsewhere.

Wilson has a uniquely likeable style, and effortlessly combines humour with genuinely interesting information delivery. This episode was the third in the series, with earlier one covering such topics as "how to put up scaffolding" and "how to cover your furniture". You get the idea where it's all going from the titles alone. They filming style is almost like a rel life version of The Office, because a camera wanders around following him as he bumps into people apparently just going about their daily business. The charm of most of them actually being exactly that is a great attraction of the show.

At the end of the show, Wilson ends up covering a Mandela Effect conference from Ketchum, Idaho, showing the level of real interest in the phenomenon.

Wired covered the episode too, and it's available to watch on hbomax.