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Pride and Prejudice

Mr Darcy got out of the lake dripping wet in a white shirt

Mr Darcy did not get out of the lake dripping wet in a white shirt

Dripping wet

Many people remember a famous scene featuring Mr Darcy in the 1995 BBC production of Pride and Prejudice. 

He was alone, and spent a moment reflecting before taking a dip in the lake. That part is seen today, but what isn't is when he left the lake, which many remember him being very wet as he walked towards the camera in slow motion. 

Colin Firth became an overnight success after his portrayal, which shows him entering the lake wearing a full length white shirt, which completely covered his chest and arms, but not leaving it.

It's become something of a movie trope to show this kind of shot, and can be seen in many others such as the James Bond series, but this time it's a false memory.

Leave the water in style

The scene was named the most memorable moment in British TV drama. Everone remembers him coming out wet, but it was never part of the scene.

It's been pointed out there is another work where a character does exactly what's being discussed here, and it could be this which people are being confused by. This is Lost in Austen, but it is unlikely the scene there is actually being confused simply because of the lack of awareness of this work in general.

There's another reference, if a little indirect, in a bloopers website. Under the heading "The Psychic Servant", reference is made to a servant who mysteriously appears as a "sopping wet Darcy" hands off his horse to him.

It's quite the thing for such a high-profile, award winning scene to be so misremembered. Which is just what everyone is saying about the Star Wars one...