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1920 Wall St attack

The 1920 Wall St terrorist bombing is well known.

The 1920 Wall St terrorist bombing is not well known.

Suddenly from nowhere?

Many people are shocked to hear of what was described as the worst terrorist attack on American soil up to that point. This is the 1920 bombing on Wall St, which killed 30 people instantly, 8 who died later and over 300 were injured.

The FBI's website reports the perpetrators were never caught, although it is suspected an Italian terrorist group, or even the Mafia, were involved at the time.

A horse drawn cart was left outside the US Assay Office on September 16, 1920, which was full of expolisives and had a lit fuse burning inside it, ticking down as a shady figure left in a hurry only to lose himself amongst the stockbrokers and bankers just leaving their offices for lunch. Terrorist attacks up until then were so rare it wasn't even recognised as one for a few hours afterwards.

TNT with a timer

The investigation found the explosion was caused by TNT packed with iron scraps designed to cause the maximum damage, and a timer was used which was activated before the perpetrator fled the scene. Shattered glass covered the streets over a larger area, and some were killed inside the buildings, such as the chief clerk for JP Morgan, and a son of JP Morgan was also wounded.

Possible motives included the assassination of JP Morgan and an attempt to rob the bank across the street where gold bullion was being moved that day. Ultimately, it was determined to have been carried out by "Reds", who were largely communists, and wanted to attack the bank as it stood as the icon for American capitalism. Some anarchist flyers were found a block away from Wall St, which supported this theory.

When news of some event such as this appears "suddenly from nowhere", it is looked on as a form of Mandela Effect by those claiming to have changed timelines, and not the fact that they somehow spent their whole lives being unaware of it.