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Chris Anatra

A whole new kind of bug

The idea behind the Mandela Effect is there is no evidence the past has changed apart from a group of people's recollection of it. This means no records of the original memory can be found.

The theories around how this could happen range from a split in the time stream, where at some point in the past, in line with the many-worlds theory, a slightly different "copy" of an existing universe was created, to some kind of sinister mechanism able to amend all the records in an existing one, such as it being a simulation. All these theories have in common the idea that somehow human memory, for a group of people, can survive these changes.

Recently the Company President of NECS, Inc., Chris Anatra, has made an announcement regarding how the Mandela Effect could affect business. He runs a well-established ERP food distribution software company, so naturally the integrity of his customers data is paramount. However, if the Mandela Effect were to change any records, they all would be changed in a consistent state, and not suddenly become corrupt or mismatched as they would with a regular computer bug.


NECS is the first technology company to acknowledge the Mandela Effect publicly.

Chris Anatra:

I've spent the last year becoming familiar with Quantum Computers and their application for our entree software and our clients.  How Quantum Computers work, and the laws of Quantum Physics have also helped me to understand the reason for a common technical support issue.  An issue that costs both my technical support team and our clients, a serious amount of time and manpower.  Indeed, as much as 20% of our technical support resources are involved with this issue.

This Blog post is something that is either going to capture your imagination, or you will just dismiss it and move on.  To my knowledge, NECS, Inc. is the first technology company to come out in the open about this subject.

Of particular interest is the fact they are in the food distribution business, so deal with many brands. Chris describes the issues in a video, which covers some known Mandela Effects such as Haas/Hass avocados, the McIntosh/MacIntosh apple and Stove Top stuffing:

However this plays out, if the Mandela Effect is real it will affect all stored records - including those on computers, which are in theory the easiest to change.