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George Michael

George Michael died in 2010

George Michael died in 2016

Natural causes

George Michael was a world famous star who's life was cruelly cut short when he was far too young.

Many remember him dying in 2010, and were surprised to hear he was actually amongst the tragic group of celebrities who passed away in 2016. He died on Christmas Day of natural causes, a general term for what was alleged to be a heart attack brought on by years of substance abuse causing the heart muscle becomes thin and too weak to pump blood effectively around the body.

There are also rumours he committed suicide, which are fuelled by his earlier unsuccessful attempts.

The 2016 year of celebrity death

There's no doubt 2016 was a horrible year for losing famous people. Prince, David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Alan Rickman and many others. However, George Michael was one of them according to all the evidence, yet some definitely remember his passing in 2010. He certainly was in the news for the wrong reasons a few times before his death, and it could well be that one of these reports were misinterpreted as his death.

The early years were difficult, particularly his distance from his cold father, who wasn't around much and was unloving. His father actually told him he couldn't sing. This led to drug abuse from his teen years, which he hid very well throughout his initial fame with WHAM!  and into his solo career. However, the cracks began to show later in this too. It came out after his death that he was a heroin user and had been rushed to ER several times.

It's especially poignant that he died at Christmas because his famous Last Christmas record is now universally played over the festive period.

Whatever demons plagued Michael, his legacy lives on in his music.