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Take my strong hand

Take my little hand

Laughing at ghosts

The first Scary Movie, err, movie, was taking a jab at the slasher movies of the 1980s, and did well enough to spawn a sequel, Scary Movie 2. The target this time was the ghosts, demonic and supernatural trends this time, so look for plenty of references to The Exorcist, The Amityville Horror, The Haunting etc.

The movie wasn't very well received at the time but has since become somewhat of a cult classic. 

One of the stand-out moments involves Hanson, the sinister caretaker with a deformed hand. Many sight gags are focused on this hand, but there's one very well-known one where he is reaching out to save someone who is hanging of a ledge.

Many remember him saying "Take my strong hand" as he offers the withered one, and this makes sense as a joke. However, it now appears as "Take my little hand", which whilst not as funny, is also not as memorable.

Since then, this quote has become known as a meme on the internet, so if it was never there where did it originate? 

Nothing is off limits

Generally regarded as in the "mindless spoof" genre, it's easy to see how the Scary Movie series became popular. The targets they attack are genuinely terrifying, so these are seen as the crossover antidote to reassure everyone of the thin line divinging comedy and horror. 

The other Scary Movie Mandela Effect

This isn't the only Mandela Effect concerning the Scary Movie films. The other is better known, it's the "I see dead people" one.

There have been 5 Scary Movie movies in total, and the producers assure us there will only be those 5. Bear in mide, the tagline for the first one was "no sequel", and the one for the second was "we lied". We can only hope...