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Lamb chops

Lamb Chops sang "This is the song that never ends."

Lamb Chops sang "This is the song that doesn't end."

It's only funny up to a point...

How many times have kids piped up on long (or otherwise) car journeys with the famous Lamb Chops song that just, well, goes on and on for ever?

Whilst it may be amusing for a a while, it quite rightly becomes very annoying very quickly. Which is understandable, given that's literally the whole purpose of the damn thing. However, there's something else going on here. Is it "The song that never ends" or "The song that doesn't end"?

Most people remember it as the "never" version, but all references today show it as the "doesn't" one.

How annoying is that?


The full lyrics are here, but heres one verse

This is the song that doesn't end
Yes, it goes on and on my friend.
Some people started it
Not knowing what it was.
And they'll continue singing it forever just because...

Lamb Chops, 1992

The song first appeared at the end of the show Lam Chop's Play-Along on PBS in 1992. It was a puppet show along the lines of The Muppet Show,  and the song evolved from an earlier idea where the host, Shari Lewis, would try to get them all to stop singing as the credits rolled.

There's something obvious worth pointing out regarding this Mandela Effect. The song is squarely aimed at children, and because, well it's annoying, adults are unlikely to enjoy it the same way they would a regular song, knowing full well it exists only for its novelty value. So the children who get the lyrics wrong probably did when it was popular, i.e. they first heard it, as well as decades later when they try to remember it as an adult.