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Tik Tok user's Magic Mandela Effect phone

Old smartphone "sees" Mandela Effects?

Here's something pretty far out regarding the Mandela Effect. A user on Tik Tok called "@thethoughtpolice" has posted a set of videos which are supposed to show Mandela Effects in real time when viewed through his old Blackberry smart phone. That is, when you look at something directly, it appears normal, but when you look at is through the smartphone, the screen shows it as Mandela Effected.

Most are dismissing this as an elaborate hoax, but the effect is pretty cool and thought provoking nevertheless.

In one, he holds it in front of the Fruit of the Loom logo, which only shows a cornucopia when you look at what it shows on its screen. Another shows Pikachu with a black tail as the actual cartoon is playing live. If this were real one heck of a lot of arguments would be settled!

Fruit of the Loom

Notice how well the video syncs up with what the phone sees - this is very difficult, but not impossible, to fake:


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Another one which is particularly impressive, because e the cartoon it's showing is live!


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Modern video editing and production software has come a long way recently, with tools and techniques previously unavailable now in the hands of ordinary desktop users. Most would dismiss these as hoaxes created by such systems, but there will always be that nagging doubt since it's impossible to prove it's fake, unless someone involved confesses to it. It's not even the first to supposedly prove the Mandela Effect using video, a Shazam one was made as an April fools joke, and another supposedly showing a live change to the title of a Berenstain Bears book.

With this one, some have pointed out it could be simpler than so far suggested, with a pre-recorded video showing on the handset as the user carefully positions it with the right timing in front of the target.

In any case, there are many more of these to marvel at here: