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Have I Got New For You

Contestants - this is the "Mandela Effect" round

The BBC's long running satirical news show Have I Got News For You featured several Mandela Effects in episode 2 of Series 53, aired on 2 May 2017.

Sparked off by the news the manufacturers of Blue Riband, Nestlé, were relocating, and many people remember it as Blue Ribbon, the contestants were then asked to write down their memory of another well-known Mandela Effect - the KitKat hyphen.

To finish off, the presenter sang the refrain to the song "Free Nelson Mandela".

The mocking tone of the show certainly caught the eye of the Mandela Effect social media community, many of who already had strong opinions on the BBC to begin with...

Blue Riband

The piece was triggered by the Blue Riband Mandela Effect being in the recent news, becasue that kind of item is the main theme of the weekly news show. The panel were then asked about a few other popular ones such as KitKat/Kit-Kat, With the KitKat one, only one contestant "mis remembered". The phrase Mandela Effect wasn't mentioned once.

As it happens,this isn't the only time the Mandela Effect has arisen in relation to that show. The BBC Pedophile Jimmy Saville (who was once actually on it) was rumoured to have been exposed by panellist Paul Merton long before he died, and there's an MMDE entry for it.