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Franklin D Roosevelt



What did the "D" stand for?

Franklin D Roosevelt - did the "D" stand for Delanor or Delano? 

Today, all references say Delano, but many apparently experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect claim it's been changed from the "Delanor" they remember.

His wife's name was Eleanor - could this just be a simple case of her similar sounding name being conflated with his middle name over time?

Or it could be simpler than that. When you say either of them out loud, they sound almost the same, so anyone unfamiliar could easily misspell it when writing it down, which then gets carried on to others as being correct.

John F Kennedy

Franklin campaigned for John F Kennedy in the 1960 West Virginia primary, and Kennedy later named him Under Secretary of the United States Department of Commerce and chairman of the President's Appalachian Regional Commission. He married 5 times in total, and died on his 74th birthday in 1988. 

Franklin was the only President to serve more than 2 terms, and in fact ended up serving 4.This was allowed when a special amendment to the usual rule was passed by congress in 1947. which forbid anyone from serving more than 2 terms. This was done because of extraordinary times, namely the great depression and World War 2.

This isn't the only memory-related issue with Franklin - there's also the fact he hid his paralysis, which was so severe he couldn't walk, whilst in office.

His famous family, the Roosevelts from New York, have included two presidents and a first lady, Theodore Roosevelt was Franklin's 5th cousin.

Delenor / Delano / Deleno

Some are reporting they remember his middle name as "Delenor"

Another aspect to this is Franklin's son, called Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr.. Is his name also subject to this Mandela Effect?

YouTuber "scarabperformance" made a video on this: