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FDR was not paralysed for the 12 years he was president

FDR was paralysed for the 12 years he was president

A secret in plain view

Is is really possible that the US President Franklin Roosevelt kept a total paralysis from the waist down secret for 12 years, including the 4 he served presiding over WW2?

Many people find this as a shock today, and the evidence that he was always sat down or seen leaning against someone, or something, in the photographs and films taken of him during this time come as a big surprise.

The story today is that when he was 39 he contracted what his doctors believed was polio. Today, the evidence shows it was more likely to have been Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS). In any case, his every appearance was said to be stage-managed to give the appearance he wasn't paralysed for fear it would diminish him in the eyes of the American people.

This is ironic as today he is regarded as one of the 3 greatest US Presidents, along with Lincoln and Washington.

Always seen sitting down or leaning

He was the 32nd US President

From the FDR Library:

During the summer of 1921, FDR was enjoying a day of sailing on his yacht when he suddenly fell overboard into the icy waters of the Bay of Fundy, which ironically felt paralyzing to his body. The following day, FDR complained of lower back pain and went for a swim in hopes to ease the soreness. As the day progressed, he could feel his legs becoming weaker and by the third day, he could no longer hold his own weight. His skin quickly became very sensitive and eventually even a slight breeze across his body caused great distress.