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Judgement day

Judgment day

Judge for yourself

Another Mandela Effect relating to the title of Arnie's Terminator 2!

Which of the titles in this image looks correct to you?

This is an unusual one because there is already a Mandela Effect associated with the title - it's the mysterious sloping "A", and as pointed out there, this, like the Back to the Future van change, is another movie featuring time travel which itself is a Mandela Effect.

Those experiencing the Mandela Effect are looking for patterns such as letter changes, or significant words (such as "judgement"), in signals such as time travel movies, with the idea these could all add up to some message we are all supposed to interpret...

US Spelling

According to dictionary.com, the US variant of the spelling is "Judgment" and the British English is "Judgement". That makes this even odder, because there's not much British in Terminator 2, so why would it use the British spelling?

Reports of other ME's around this can be found too, for example in the spelling of a new Magic:The gathering card called "Day of Judgment".

Grammarist has this insight:

Pay no attention to the myth, widely repeated on the web, that judgement is the original spelling and that judgment is a 19th-century American invention. This is simply untrue, as shown by an abundance of readily available evidence anyone can view online.

 It turns out the spelling "judgment" is the dominant one on the web, and definitely in the US, but as just seen both are used and have different histories.

There's a Super Nintendo T2 inspired game poster with the "judgement" spelling.

It also extends to the more familiar source, in fact the one the title of the movie took it's inspiration from: the bible. There are many variations such as Day of Judgement, Last Judgment (not the mixed spelling) referred to on that subject on Wikipedia.