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Back to the future van


VW Mini bus

Some say Toyota, some say VW

Well, a movie specifically dealing with altering reality just had to feature a Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect itself now, didn't it? We even get to see it in action as their antics actually cause newspaper articles to change before their very eyes.

Many remember the van, in which the terrorists who were trying to get the Doc to make a nuclear weapon for them but he used their plutonium to power his time machine, killed him with machine guns.

Watch the movie today and you see a distinctive VM minibus, yet many remember it as a Toyota. Some even remember it as both! Now that's truly ironic... 

Flip flop

This is more than your regular Mandela Effect. That's because people are reporting it as a flip-flop, that is, they saw it as a light blue VW camper originally, then saw the movie later and noticed it had changed to a Toyota, the even later saw it again and it had reverted back to the VW! Each time, additional searches were made on the internet which only threw up the same kind of car as was seen in the movie at that time. In other words, these flip flops went in perfect sync beyond the movie itself, and out to internet images etc.

The other famous Mandela Effect flip-flop is Apollo 13.


It might seem a little random, but one way to shed light on this is to ask if the Toyota had a sunroof which people were capable of standing up and firing an RPG, since no-one doubts that's what the terrorists did. Whilst the VW certainly has, not all the Toyota's of that size do. But, since there's no evidence now...