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Extra dimension

A small tweak here, an adjustment there...

I saw a post recently on Reddit made by a troll mocking the Mandela Effect. I then committed the cardinal sin - I responded to him by mocking further. My response was "You think that's nuts, what about me - I woke up this morning in a universe where Donald Trump was president!". Childish I know, but a funny thing happened then as I thought about this a little more.

We're all becoming fixated with the trivial when it comes to the ME, as a quick glance at the many documented at Fiona Broome's shows. We focus on lines in movies, brand logo differences etc. And there's always some vague supposed connection with CERN tinkering with reality using their particle accelerators. I've been saying this for a while now, but what if you actually did have a machine which could change something in the past? As you worked with it, you'd need to test it. And you wouldn't want to start big, like killing Hitler before WW2, or you'd risk eliminating yourself from existence. So I reckon you really would make seemingly innocent changes only you were aware of. That way, you'd know the before and after states and be able to refine the process accordingly.

Science tells us time and space are the same thing, so some way to alter one can also alter the other. So for example, you might focus the machine on a point in time back in 1977, navigate to the script for a very well-known Sci-Fi movie and change "Luke" to "No". Now here comes the curious part when you find nature throws you a curveball: somehow, some human minds can perceive this change as if part of them has access to knowledge outside of these timelines. They are somehow aware of how things were before, even though there is no physical evidence. And everyone else thinks they're nuts.

Why stop there?

trump wins 400 x224Back to my troll feeding. I started to realise there could be something in my joke about Trump. If a big change did happen on the scale of us waking up one day to find just a group of us remembered a different President, what would then happen? Would everyone else think this group had lost their minds? Surely the affected would then all start pointing to the Mandela Effect, but there'd be little talk of Berenstain bears at that point. The Mandela Effect is largely an internet based phenomenon only a small minority have even heard of. Presumably the Presidential change would affect people irrespective of them being aware of it or not.

It could also mean whoever is behind the ME has refined the technique to the point at which they can control these changes to a much greater degree. The logical conclusion is that right now we could be in the "before" position of a big one coming.

It could have already happened.This morning. How would you know about it?