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Thin black line


What did Snoopy's tail look like?

How do you remember Snoopy's tail?

Making his first appearance in the 1950's comic strip Peanuts, the faithful sidekick of Charlie Brown became as famous as his master when they both made the leap from  book to TV cartoon show.

Many remember his tail as being a single black line, and are surprized to see it today as white with a black outline, like the rest of his body. Changes like this are pointed to as Mandela Effects, because even though many people remember it differently, all the current evidence in the form of images and videos show it's always been the way it appears today.

It's quite ironic that Snoopy gets his own Mandela Effect, because his creator and artist, Charles Shultz, is the subject of one too. Or is that Charles Schulz?

He's smart

You always know what he's thinking, but he never speaks.

Here's an illustration of how the two different tails appear - which one do you remember?


Althought Charles Schultz announced his retirement from the Peanuts comics in 2000, a computer generated movie was made in 2015  with positive reviews: The Peanuts Movie.

Here's an early Snoopy cartoon, which indeed shows how his tail has been all along: