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Judge Judy's gavel

Judge Judy used a gavel

Judge Judy never used a gavel

Case dismissed?

Running since 1996, Judge Judy has broadcasted a phenomenal 10,000+ episodes and is famous the world over.

With such a huge audience, you'd have thought every detail of the show would be so familiar there would be no room for such a discrepancy as this - but it seems some remember her regularly using a gavel, the way a regular judge does.

Today there is no video of her doing this, although for some publicity shots such as the one featured here, she's seen holding one. There's no doubt she often slams her hand down on her desk for effect or to get order, but there's no footage of her doing it with a gavel. Those affected by this Mandela Effect are certain it was her trademark, and claim she used it excessively.

10,400 episodes

In 2017 Judith Sheindlin, to use her real name, sold all 10,400 episodes to CBS for $95m. CBS did this so they could further syndicate air the show to other operators and streaming services. It attracts 10m viewers per show in it's weekday afternoon slot.

Mentions a Gavel

Although no footage of her using a gavel can be found, there is some of her mentioning using one:

The sound

When someone is getting uppity, or she's given her verdict and wants to bring things to a conclusion, there's often a sound heard to puncuate this event, but most times it's just her hand slamming on the desk, or sometimes her pen.