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Was the famous pointy eared Vulcan from the original Star Trek series called "Dr." or "Mr." Spock?

Many remember Dr. Spock, but the only evidence for this today is the renowned child pediatrician.

Apparently, when Gene Roddenberry had to come up with a name which would resonate with the audience, he thought of "Spock" having never heard of the pediatrician nor anyone real with the name.

Leonard Nimoy played Spock, who's first appearance was in the 1966 episode titled "The Man Trap". The character had a strong presence right through the movies and into the 21st century with the Star Trek: Discovery TV series.


Originally, the director of the 60's TV show wanted DeForest Kelley ("Bones") to play the Spock role, but Gene Rodenberry decided it should instead go to Leonard Nimoy.

He was also originally supposed to be a Martian, but there was a concern that an actual Mars mission might take place before the end of the 60's which would be very awkward for the series, so his home planet was changed to the fictional Vulcan.

Spock had the intriguing characteristic of being half-human, which was often a major plot point in the series.He began in the series as the science officer, then was promoted to first officer become eventually commanding his own ship. Fans of the Mandela Effect would be especially interested in his eventual situation, because he ended up living in a parallel timeline following his attempt to save the Romulans from a supernova.

This Mandela Effect is probably more prevalent amongst non-Star Trek fans. They know in passing of the character as "the guy with pointy ears", and the name "Spock"  is distinctive enough to remember, but then conflate the extensive science emphasis of the story to store the name as "Doctor Spock" It's not connected to the actual Doctor Spock, who would be largely unknown to the masses.