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Cousin Itt

Cousin It

Cousin Itt

Need a trim, Sir?

Remember the small, extremely hairy guy from The Addams Family? He only spoke gibberish, usually wore a bowler hat and glasses and was covered completely from head to toe in hair. If you remember him being called "Cousin It" you may be experiencing the Mandela Effect. His name today is spelt "Cousin Itt"

He was only an occasional cast member, but did feature in a few story lines - one of which is where he began to lose his hair!

It/Itt even went on to have a child. In the 1993 sequel, Addams Family Values, he introduced "What", a miniature version of itself. "What" apparently got it's name from the reaction of the obstetrician.

No smoking

There's an interesting trivia point related to Cousin It/Itt and the costumer he/she/it/itt wore - no smoking was allowed on set, for obvious reasons! Also, he once appeared in Scooby Doo in The New Scooby Doo Movies crossover of 1972.

He is the cousing of Gomez, and enters their house via the chimney. What is underneath all his hair is never seen, and when askled once all he replied was "roots". He even has a car - it's a Messerschmitt KR175 with 3 wheels. He's featured in stories beyond the TV show - in one of the animated series from Hanna Barbera., he was employed by the US government as a secret agent known as "Agent Double o Itt". He was also the leader of a biker gang called "the haircurlers".

One reason for the confusion could be the 1991 feature film where the name is spelt "it", but this Mandela Effect definitely relates to the TV series.

Mandela Effects where the pronunciation is identical where the terms is spelled differently are quite common, and no on-e would ordinarily pick up on the joke of "It" being spelt differently if they never saw it written down.