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All black

Black lower, grey upper

Was the A-Team van entirely black?

Who can forget the famous TV show from the 80's, where merely glancing at a car was all it took to make it spectacularly explode, seen multiple times from multiple angles in case you missed the first few.

The A-Team was full of very memorable characters such as Face, Hannibal, BA "Mr T" Baracus, Murdock ... and their huge dark van. What color was that van? Those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect claim it was entirely black, but today all you find is it having a black lower half below a grey upper one.

Often in disguise, the A-Team's antics are legendary. Did this disguise stretch even further than the team itself though? 

GMC Vandura

The van was a 1983 GMC Vandura cargo van in the TV show, but not the movie. General Motors made basically the same model for 25 years. It's tough and rugged all right, but that toughness extends to the running costs, since you'll be pushed to get double digit fuel consumption.

Seeing such a formidable beast roaring around, with our heroes ready to pounce out righting wrongs at any moment, naturally colors it as black in people's minds. Black is the color of anonymity in vehicles, it's got that hint of menace and power which would fit perfectly with the whole idea of the A-Team.

However, that's not the case. It was a custom paint job for the show, so there goes your anonymity, but despite being shown perfectly well many times on screen, people still don't think it was anything other than black. You can't blame old black and white TV's either, the way some other Mandela Effects have problems with color such as The Birds, The Time Machine or The Fly.

Stuntman Craig Baxley has written up his memories of working with the van on the show.