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The Young Ones

A 5th silent character did not appear on screen in several episodes

A 5th silent character appeared on screen in several episodes

Spooky silent extra room mate

Those of a certain age, mainly in the UK, will remember the anarchic "Young Ones" TV show. Sharing the student house were Vyvyan, Rick, Neil and Mike. Right? Well ... perhaps a borderline Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect, but there was actually a 5th character who appeared in every episode of series 1 and wasn't ever credited, had no speaking part and was never involved in any story line.

This could all just be a big in-joke and nothing to do with memories being different - watching it now, it's pretty easy to see how this character could be missed.

Spooky silent extra room mate

Sadly Rick Mayall passed away far too young, but you can just imagine him and the gang having the last laugh at all this fuss, even though they aren't young ones any more...

Not all MMDE's are about the spelling of a brand

Most Mandela Effects are all about logo changes or how something is spelt. At their heart though, they boil down to somehow the past has appeared to change. When this change contradicts what the person experiencing it believes very strongly and suddenly, all sorts of explanations come up, ranging from CERN experiments affecting our dimension to government consipracies. Sometimes what can appear as a change in the past might have a perfectly reasonable explanation.We're dealing with an anarchic comedy TV show here - is it too far a stretcyhto imagine the gang having a little laugh before filming on how they could pull a stunt only they would know about, and be able to point out for years to come to only those they chose to?