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WOW Signal

WOW Signal came from Orion

WOW Signal came from Sagittarius

Where in the Galaxy

Remember the WOW Signal from 1977, when astronomers at Ohio State university captured a 72 second burst of radio waves which was so far off the scale one of them wrote "WOW!" alongside the printout?

The issue here isn't whether this really was from an alien civilisation, it's the report of where the signal came from.

References today show it's origin was the Sagittarius constellation, but many experiencing this MMDE claim it was reported as coming from the Orion constellation at the time, and that's the way they remember it.


A report from June 2017 claims the mystery has been solved when a pair of comets returned, which emitted the same signal as was previously detected - the tell-tale frequency of 1420MHz. They also claim these comets would have been in the same place at the time of the WOW signal.

This is refuted by Jerry Ehman, the atronomer who made the original WOW! note - he points to the signal starting then stopping abruptly, whereas comet-sourced waves fade in and out much more gradually.

Whatever the source, this doesn't detract from a curious Mandela Effect all round.