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More anatomy changes

There have been a few alternative memory reports of the human body changing.

These range from the from the holes in the skull, to the location of the kidneys and even the heart being in a different location.

Sceptics pointed to the fact that human anatomy had been studied quite possibly more than any other subject throughout history. This is for obvious reasons - we need to understand it to survive, so changes of this kind just don't seem possible.

However, reports that there are still a few surprises in store are coming in following the discovery of what is being classed as a new human organ - Interstitium.

More than connective tissue

What was previously thought of as just connective tissue found under the skin, along with the gut lining , muscles and blood vessels, actually connect together and perform a function which is not yet fully understood. One suggestion is these act as a kind of "shock absorber", and could be present to further protect tissue. If correct, it could in fact turn out to be one o the largest organs in the human body.