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Blue Tarantula

There's no such thing as a blue tarantula

There is a blue tarantula

Like a regular tatantula, but blue?

Some love 'em, most fear 'em - but everyone is fascinated by an incredible new video of a blue tarantula some are saying never existed, and hence is a Mandela Effect candidate the same way some other anomalies in nature are.

Scientists can't explain how the giant spider came to be this colour, and evolution would have a problem too. The fact it appears so striking, and so distinctive it's what the ME crowd are saying everyone would have seen or know about it by now, and it appears to have, well, appeared from nowhere.

It's been found in the rain forests of South East Asia, and as usual, the female will grow to a much larger size than the male and live longer.

Also termed "Cobalt Blue", its poison is particularly strong - but surely you'd not need any further warning of that.  And yup, the female of the species is more deadly than the male ;-) 

Cyriopagopus lividum

Formerly Haplopelma lividum, the species is now classified as Cyriopagopus lividum. It is a bird spider, and hails maily from the South American countries such as Brazil and Venezuela.