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Fixed at top, pointing downwards

Fixed at bottom, pointing upwards

Bananas - Which way up do they grow?

Here's a peculiar one - which way up do bananas grow?

Some people are claiming they don't remember them growing the way they appear today, i.e. with the fixed part at the bottom and the fruit pointing upwards, and are pointing to this as an MMDE.

This could get confusing, because therer are some rarer types which do grow downwards. However, the sight of a bunch of "upside down" bananas (as they call them) growing on a tree still hits them as something they were sure they'd have known about.

One reason people seem surprised could be mundane - you always see bunches in supermarkets, grocery stores etc, laid out downwards, so assume that's how they grew in the wild.

Is a banana a fruit or a berry?

The bananas we see today from mass harvesting are very different to the original ones grown in the wild. They don't contain the many seeds in the centre, the way the original way, they taste differently, are brighter and are more pest-resistant. This is all due to the genetic engineering process which has beem carried out for many years.

Technically, the banana is a berry, and since all berries are fruits, it is also a fruit.