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David Soul

There is no Gospel according to Judas

There is a Gospel according to Judas

The Gospel of Judas Iscariot

A carbon dated leather-bound papyrus manuscript from 280AD was published by The National Geographic Society as The Gospel of Judas.

It was called the Codex Tchacos when first discovered in Egypt in the 1970's, after the antiquities dealer, Frieda Nussberger-Tchacos. It's in over a thousand fragments, and is thought to be a translation of an older Greek manuscript from AD 130-170. 

The contents are controversial. It is said Judas was the only disciple who was told the true message from Jesus, and far from being his betrayer was in fact acting according to the instructions of Jesus.

The real life Da Vinci code

It sounds like the plot from the Ton Hanks movie. The Gospel consists of conversatons between Jesus and Judas Iscariot, and claims Judas was the only disciple who fully understood the teachings of his master.

The most controversial part is that Jesus instructed Judas to hand him over to the Roman soldiers, and the Greek term for "hand over" has been mistranslated as "betrayal", leading to the mainstream narrative most people are familiar with.