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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson did not father 6 children with his slave

Thomas Jefferson fathered 6 children with his slave

He abolished slavery, but was a slaveholder himself

He was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, an American Founding Father and the third US President. But did Thomas Jefferson hide a secret so embarrassing it could have destroyed him? Various reports, such as Wikipedia, are claiming there is strong evidence he fathered some, or all, of the children Sally Hemings gave birth to. The problem? She was his slave.

DNA tests on various descendants have strongly indicated this is the case.

This is one of those news stories which seems to have come from nowhere. Many people point to every detail of each US President being widely available, especially one seen as being a scandal. The fact it's not better known is causing it to be regarded as a Mandela Effect of the "reverse false memory" kind.

Third President

Jefferson was talented in many areas. He was a lawyer, a mathematician, a mechanic, a horticulturalist and an architect. He spoke several languages. He was deeply philosophical, and was the President of the  American Philosophical Society, and although he shunned organised religion was influenced by Christianity. His famous quote that "all men are created equal" is said to be behind the driving force which led to President Lincoln abolishing slavery in 1864. When he signed and formulated most of the words in the Declaration of Independence, he was only 33. He was not keen on formal ceremonies, and when elected President arrived alone on horseback, dressed informally.

Sally Hemings

Thomas Jefferson's first wife, Martha Wayles, died in 1782. He had six children with her. Sally Hemings was likely a half-sister of hers, and his slave. Historians believe he had a relationship with her which lasted four decades, and "up to" a further six children with her.