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Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe died in 2017

Robert Mugabe died in 2019

When did Robert Mugabe die?

Robert Mugabe was a divisive figure indeed, but news of his death in 2019 caused some more concern than others, because they were sure he died in 2017.

Wait - this is another famous figure from South Africa involved in a mysterious reality glitch phenomenon? Perhaps it needs a catchy name so we can class other similar situations easier, something like The Mugabe Effect?

He was ousted as leader in 2017, but those who are sure he died earlier than 2019 remember him dying at the same time as the coup which saw him lose power from Zimbabwe.

Like Nelson Mandela, he spent many years in prison in the 60's only to be released and become a hugely important world figure.

"Only God can remove me from office"

The army turned against his 37 year rule in 2017 and ousted him. His famous quote about God being the only one who could remove him from office might have contributed to the idea he died at the same time. Whilst celebrity death hoaxes are now common on the internet, not many have people actually remembering the funeral, right down to the clothes worn and the other world dignitaries in attendance.