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Rip Torn

Rip Torn died in 2017

Rip Torn did not die in 2017

Rip Torn died?

Rip Torn has had a colourful life to say the least.

From his early days on the Larry Sanders Show, through to his many big-name movies roles including Easy RiderMen in Black and even an appearance as a Columbo villain. In real life he "accidentally robbed a bank" in 2010, and as recently as 2016 was arrested for drunk driving.

However, it's the latest story which has caught many out which could be the wildest. Many people remember him dying in 2017, when as at the time of this story (Oct 2018), he's alive and well. There are plenty of celebrity death rumours on the internet now, and it's becoming difficult to distinguish the purposefully fake ones from the ones people genuinely seem to recall but can't exactly pin down, which are the Mandela Effects.


The story of how he was so drunk he ended up breaking into a bank thinking it was his home sounds just like the script from one of his movies, except it happened for real. Since he had a firearm, he was spared jail by pleading guilty and agreeing to alcohol counselling.

There are also reports of a Mandela Effect regarding the death of Rip Torn in 2013, with people even claiming to have seen it announced on the BBC news.