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Mrs Cakehead

Cover yourself in beans

Cover yourself in beef

Sound advice from Mrs Cakehead

This is an odd Mandela Effect since it appears once Mrs Cakehead became aware of it, he deliberately changed it just to mess with everyone, which is exactly what you'd expect him to do.

The hit DJ Rapper began in the 80's Bacup surf beach underground techno dance scene and went on to create such sub culture classics as "This is a Journey into Cake", "Chancellor of the Headchecker" and "Roll us a Fat One".

The controversy was turned up to 11 with his "Pendle Witch Camp" - was the line "Cover yourself in beans" or "Cover yourself in beef?" There are as many saying the former as the latter, and as indicated the man himself just likes to muddy the waters nowadays by deliberately flipping them around. When asked about the Mandela Effect, false memory syndrome or any alternative memory events he was aware of, he just replied "I can't remember", which clears it all up nicely ;-)

The cake's not fake

Since the numerous world tours which catapulted Mrs Cakehead to international stardom, including the hit single Blethered, his songwriting skills have also been in huge demand. He denies he's been helping none other than Elton John on his latest album, and keeps a big secret of his work on the latest James Bond movie theme.

After headlining Glaston-Bury in 2017, Mrs Cakehead was inducted in the B-CUP Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, when he left his impression on the pavement outside the Folk Club.

Most people put the Mandela Effect surrounding the confusion with these lyrics down to the fact that he rarely sings the same thing twice, and you have to have consumed a very specific amount of controlled substances in order to be aware of them either way.