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Mike Tyson

TV showed Tyson bite off part of Holyfields ear

TV didn't show Tyson bite off part of Holyfields ear

The Bite Fight

In 1997 the Evander Holyfield vs Mike Tyson boxing match was billed as "The Sound and the Fury". It also notoriously gained another name: "The Bite Fight", because Mike Tyson was disqualified for biting Holyfields ear. Millions across the world saw this - there is no dispute the ear was bitten. However, many remember the TV showing Tyson actually biting a chunk clean off the ear and spitting it out, for which there is no record today. They swear they saw this on TV and it is not a false memory. Is it a Mandela Effect? 

Not only do the videos of this today not show this, but many remember the fight being stopped when the ear was spat out. When seen today, the fight continues.


There are other things unusual about this fight. At the start, the commentators explicitly said Holyfield's plastic surgeons were present "ringside". This might just be a spooky co-incidence of the kind which only seems suspicious when looking back over innocent banter.

There were two ear bites, and after stopping the fight for the first one, the referee changed it to a 2 point deduction and let it continue. Tyson went on to bite Holyfields other ear, when the fight was again stopped and after viewing the video terminated for good. Some are saying he did spit out his mouth piece, others it was the tip of the ear and the camera followed it as it flew to the floor, zooming back to show all the blood coming from the wound. The whole ear wasn't bitten off - just a chunk of it - but the Mandela Effect here is that many remember the whole sequence being shown on TV, whereas records today show it wasn't.