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Kim Jong il

Kim Jong il never went to the toilet

Kim Jong il went to the toilet

No pennies spent

There's a difference between an MMDE and a Mandela Effect.

All Mandela Effects are MMDE's, but not all MMDE's are Mandela Effects. When a large group of people believe something for which there is no evidence, they both appear to be the same. However, sometimes that outcome is a deliberate mass deception where it's origins and motivations can clearly be found, which is certainly not the case for a true Mandela Effect where the origins are always unknown.

The belief amongst North Koreans that Kim Jong il never went to the toilet is one such example, i.e. not a Mandela Effect but by definition an MMDE. The belief this is true by people in that country persists today. 

There are a bunch of crazy things which the North Koreans are forced to believe which we in the West scoff at - from the safety of our nice, free democracies.

The West can choose what to believe

It may sound ridiculous to Western ears, but spare a thought for those who can be sent to jail for even appearing not to follow the official line enough.

A whole country full of MMDE's

The toilet MMDE is just one of many:

Apparently, Kim Jong-il:

Was the best at everything in his country
Learned to walk at 3 weeks old
Learned to talk at 8 weeks old
Wrote 1500 books in 3 years when a student
Composed 3 Operas
Potted 11 holes in 1 in his first game of golf
Bowled a perfect 300 the first time he bowled
Was a child genius
Could drive a car at 3 years old
Won a Yacht race when he was 9 years old
Worked so hard, he burns food and drink from inside (hence no toilet required)
Mentally controlled the weather
Was born beneath a double rainbow
Invented a wonder drug to make people taller
Cured AIDS, Bird Flu, Ebola, Tuberculosis and Cancer
Invented the hamburger
Was a global fashion icon
Discovered a Unicorn lair

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