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John Lennons suit was white

John Lennons suit was black

What color was John Lennons suit in the "Imagine" video?

Most people know the John Lennon song "Imagine", and many of those above a certain age also remember the video, where he enters a mansion with Yoko Ono in which a white room contains a white grand piano. He's often appeared in a white suit - a great example being the Abbey Road album, where he wears one on the famous road crossing.

So what color suit was he wearing in the "Imagine" video?

If you thought it was white too, you are experiencing a false memory, because all records today show it was black. Those who say it had little white polka dots are a little off too, since they were crosses.


The song came from John's solo album of the same name, and he acknowledged most of the idea and lyrics came from Yoko One, the subject of a Mandela Effect of her own. It reached number 6 in the UK when first release in 1975, then went to number 1 when re-released following his death in 1980.

Lifelong Beatles fans are reporting their confusion at seeing his suit now being black.

He did have a white one which was sold at auction in 2010 along with his 1972 Chrysler station wagon, but that's just muddying the waters because the title of that BBC story is "John Lennon's 'Imagine' suit for sale".

When people picture the Imagine video, they conjure up the white room in the white mansion, with John Lennon playing a white grand piano. They might also remember his white suit from what's possibly the most famous album cover in the world - Abbey Road. So it's not that much of a mental leap to assume his suit in the Imagine video was white too.