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Eisenhower Dime

Eisenhower was on the 10 cent dime

:Eisenhower was not on the 10 cent dime

Call me "Ike"

Searches today for "Eisenhower Dime" return many results, from people asking how much a 1960's one is worth to when he first appeared. All this is a huge signal that the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect is at work, because he never appeared on one.

Eisenhower was on the dollar for a while in the 1970's, which could be contributing to this as people do remember seeing him on some coin, but not exactly remembering which one.

In 1946 when the Dime was redesigned, Eisenhower was still Chief of Staff of the army (1945-1948), so if he ever was it would have to have been after then because a Chief of Staff would not make it - but a president would.

Guess we have to wait for one to turn up to disprove this one - if it ever did, what would it be worth?

Different faces

Some are suggesting that because Roosevelt was shown on the dime for so many years, which meant different photographs were used, he could have been mistaken for Eisenhower in some, especially the profile ones.

Another good point is that federal law states only those who are deceased can be shown on coins. Roosevelt was shown from 1946 onwards, so it can never have been Eisenhower until 1969 at the earliest, if at all, since he was alive till then.