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David Soul

David Soul died in 2016

David Soul did not die in 2016

When did David Soul die?

Famous for his role in the action TV series Starsky and Hutch, plus his music, theatre and movie career, David Soul has made many a female fans heart flutter over the years. It was with great happiness, therefore, when many people heard he was alive and well as of Feb 2019, because they were sure he died in 2016.

Celebrity death hoaxes are rampant on the internet, probably because they are so easy to start - all it needs is s tweet, or a post in the right message forum. Don't forget the famous saying about bad news having gone round the world twice before good news catches up with it. 2016 was a particularly bad year for real celebrity deaths, so adding David Soul to them might seem plausible to some.

There are many reports of people specifically remembering how he died - by committing suicide.

Silver Lady

Soul has appeared in some surprising places, including a guest appearance on the original Star Trek from the 60's. He was also a director, notably for Miami Vice. He's appeared in Little Britain, Death on the Nile and the BBC's Top Gear.