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David Carradine

David Carradine did not die in 2009

David Carradine died 2009

When did David Carradine die?

An explanation for the David Carradine Mandela Effect?

Actor/Musician David Carradine died in 2009, and since his death has been credited as an actor in more than 14 movies with the latest being released in 2017. Many people think he died much later, with the consensus being around that same year, 2017.

We are seeing this more and more, with Hollywood using techniques such as old footage from before an actor died, to a complete CGI recreation of them as seen in the latest Star Wars and Blade Runner movies.

This can only bring more confusion to the celebrity death class of Mandela Effects, because it also happens that some people even thought David Carradine actually died in the 90's. When they see him in movies released recently, it's almost certainly going to cause them to question these memories.

Soldier, actor, musician

David was named John Carradine when he was born in 1936, which proved to be a problem since his father, an actor, was also named John Carradine.

He began as an a technical artist in the US Army, and first appeared on TV after leaving in 1963 in an episode of Armstrong Circle Theatre.

He rose to prominence via a series of TV shows, including Shane, and various westerns, before becoming a household name as Grasshopper in Kung Fu. He's since featured in several movies, including the Death Race 2000 remake, and the Kill Bill series.

Several movies were in post production when he died, meaning when they were released he had already passed away. This is what caused the confusion over when he actually did die.