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Christoper Reeve

Christoper Reeves

Christoper Reeve

Who played superman in the 70's/80's movies? 

Is is a bird, is it a plane, is it Reeve or is it Reeves?

When superman got the big screen treatment in the 70's, it sparked a line of sequels running for a decade - but what was the surname of the actor who played him then? Many people remember it as Reeves, but in fact all references now show it to be Reeve.

"Christopher Reeves" has also been seen stitched into the original costume he wore in the movies, but of course that could have been a genuine mishearing mistake. In fact, Reeves is the more popular surname, where people think of Keanu, George or Martha. But Mandela Effects are all about the detail. Plus, it must be an influence when his most famous role - Superman - starts with an "s", so when hearing it as "Christopher Reeve's Superman", or variations of that, would mean you couldn't tell the difference when spoken no matter which way his surname was spelled.

George Reeves

Fromm 1952 to 1958, Superman was played by George Reeves. There's no confusion here, but you can see how the spelling of the surnames could easily become conflated.

There is a great deal of evidence for many peolle thinking the surname was Reeves on Twitter.