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Jackson 6

Jackson 5 had 5 members

 Jackson 5 had 6 members

Blame it on the Boogie

It sounds like a trick question, but nothing connected to the Mandela Effect is as it first appears: How many members did the Jackson 5 have? Those who say five might want to think again.

Randy Jackson appeared with the band many times from as early as 1965, bringing their member count to 6.

Everyone thinks Michael is the youngest male member, whilst Janet was the youngest person, but now it turns out he wasn't, it was Randy.

This isn't the only Mandela Effect where the number of members is remembered differently - the 6th Village People member is another.

Randy was at Michael's Memorial service

As always, he kept a low profile but he was spotted at the 2014 memorial service for Michael. He's been described as having performed with them from as early as 1972, when he was 6 years old, but wasn't constantly with them. It's also been said there were always 5 because when this "new" member, Randy was with them, Jermaine left and so the total number was always 5.

People also are forgetting the group renamed to just "The Jacksons", from "The Jackson 5", when Jermaine left - this was the period between The Jackson 5 and Michael eclipsing them all with his solo career. All the Jacksons released solo albums and had various projects outside of the band, for example with TV appearances and various other musical collaborations, but none were as successful as Michael. In particular, the four remaining Jacksons released 2300 Jackson Street which was considered a flop.

The idea Michael was the youngest Jackson is also still very prevalent today. Randy's full name is Steven Randy Jackson, and it does indeed turn out to be he was with them right through the Jackson 5  years - he even co-sang Can you feel it? with Michael.