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Life is life

Live is life

La-daaaaa da da-da

It's a catchy tune all right, but why do some people have a false memory of the 1984 Opus hit being called "Life is life" when today it's seen as "Live is life"?

Opus are Austrian, so the first thought is that it's just their accent making it sound a little different anyway, to which those not accustomed to that manner of speaking complete the more likely refrain "life is life" since it makes more sense than "live is life".

That doesn't address the several "reside" references to the "Life is life" title seen today, including it spelt out in huge letters behind the band themselves as they were playing it at a concert.

Hit records

In France, Germany, Austria and Sweden it got to the number 1 spot. It's the 149th best selling all time single in France. There's an unusual cover of the song by Laibach which was heavily promoted on MTV and did use the title Life is Life - could this have contributed to the confusion?

Many deep questions are asked about the meaning of the song, and in particular if it is concerned with the meaning of life itself. Unfortunately for those making such speculations, Opus admitted they wrote it whilst on tour and it was to celebrate their love of being on stage...

All together now
Live is life
Live is life
Live is life
When we all give the power
We all give the best
Every minute of an hour
Don't think about a rest
Then you all get the power
You all get the best
When everyone gives everything
And every song everybody sings
Then it's life
Live is life
Live is life

-- Opus, Live if life

There's another Mandela Effect vaguely connected to this.The story goes Maradonna did a famous keepie-uppie routine to it at a UEFA semi-final football game, but others say it was a different match.