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Bohemian Rhapsody

Put a gun against his head...

Pulled the trigger now he's dead

Pulled my trigger now he's dead.

With such an iconic song, it comes as a surprise when there's a Mandela Effect involved in it that everyone should know.

During the piano solo, Freddie Mercury sings about how he killed a man and feels remorseful for it. While the cause of death is undisputed, a minor lyric is called into question. Mercury sings "Put a gun against his head. Pulled my trigger now he's dead". However, many swear that the lyric was actually "Pulled THE trigger now he's dead". It would certainly make more sense to say " the trigger" and not "my trigger", but this is not the case

Many on the opposite side remember it the way it is now, according to Moneybags73's like/dislike ratio on the subject.

THE Classic Rock Track

Bohemian Rhapsody has won so many awards, and is such a well-known track that it's difficult to know where to start. It was recorded in 1975, but the story is Freddie Mercury had some of the parts and melodies worked out as far back as the 1960's, and it wasn't clear if what he'd worked out was going to be one, two or even three tracks. In the end it was just the one, but even that proved unusual in that the whole song has no chorus. It received a second massive boost after it's initial 1975 release following the unfortunate death of Freddy Mercury in 1991, and again in 2018 after the movie it shared it's name with.

Other Queen ME's

Queen is no stranger to the ME.

One of the most famous of all is the ending to "We are the champions", and also there's one involving their smash hit "Killer Queen" concerning the use of a guillotine or gelatine (no relation to gelatin).