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Bob Holness

 Bob Holness played the sax on Baker Street

Bob Holness did not play the sax on Baker Street

Everyone knows he didn't - don't they?

This is the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect working in reverse - a popular urban myth which everyone knows about but still perpetuates.

Bob Holness was the presenter of the popular UK TV programme "Blockbusters". A straight up guy you'd never associate with the sleazy fantastic sax work on Gerry Raffertys 1978 hit "Baker Street".

This one also has nothing to hide - even it's orgin is well documented. The sax was played by Raphael Ravenscroft and the idea Bob played it originated as a joke in the NME music magazine in 1990.

There is an interesting point if you really want to catch people out though. Bob Holness was the second actor to play James Bond. This was on the radio in the 1950's. Allegedly. 

South Africa

Holness was born in South Africa in 1928 and moved to England when he was 7. He returned to South Africa and got married there in 1955, before returning to the UK in 1961 where he later joined the BBC as a radio presenter alongside such big names as Terry Wogan and Michael Parkinson.

The Baker Street myth is even mentioned on the Wikipedia page of Bob Holness.