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Bee Gees

I really need to know

I really mean to learn

Listen carefully

Many people familiar with the famous Bee Gees track from 1977 "How deep is your love" remember the lyric "I really need to know", but find it's been replaced with "I really mean to learn". 

Some people say listening to it very carefully shows the line as always having been "I really mean to learn", but they'd thought it was the other one because they didn't pay that much attention to it. In other words, it's not one where there is a definite change, just a clarification.

Once you know what you're listing for it's pretty clear, but there's no doubt most will just remember is as "need to know". Or could it be because that was what it actually was originally?

Tune in

Often, lyric changes being reported as ME's are nothing more than lingustic oddities which wouldn't be considered this way. A great example is Jimi Hendrix singing "'scuse me while I kiss this guy". You can't really say the original - "'scuse me whilst I kiss the sky" without making them sound the same.

Others, like this one, aren't like that. You can hear the line in the video below.