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Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Propellers on their hats

Flags on their hats

Crazy headgear - but what was it exactly?

Tweedledee and Tweedledum first appeared in a poem by John Byrom, but were made much more famous in Lewis Caroll's Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice Found There - which is of course better known as Alice in Wonderland.

In the Disney Movie of 1951, they clearly have yellow flags on their hats, yet many people remember them as having propellers. There are plenty of references to them on the internet today, including artwork and costumes. Alice in Wonderland is the subject of other MMDE's, which is hardly surprising given the craziness in her world...

None at all in the 1871 book

Here's how the hats looked in 1871:

tweedledee tweedledum 400x321

Since the late 40's

This is one where it's impossible to nail down the original source. Many people remember both, and many before the Disney film too, but despite searching, where the first instance came from is unknown.
There's another twist. Since noticing the yellow flags changed to green, some, who became aware of this Mandela Effect because of that, are saying they have changed to green flags since. They are certain of this because they were specifically aware it was a Mandela Effect.