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The Exorcist

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Used a feeding tube

The power of pea soup compels you

In the terrifying 1973 move The Exorcist, did Regan have a feeding tube in her nose when she was possessed and tied on the bed?

Many people are sure she didn't, but the video clearly shows it today.

A feeding tube would fit with the story. Since her body had been taken over by the demon, it presumably it could stop her eating. There's no explanation, nor even any indication it is a feeding tube and not one for oxygen. It couldn't have been there in the head-spinning scene either. 

It's also been said that because her appearance was so shocking, this is a relatively minor detail missed at the time. People were so shocked then, as today, that this just wasn't something they focused on.

Academy Award

The Exorcist was the first horror film to be nominated for Best Picture, and several highly regarded publications have deemed it one of the best horror films ever. Entertainment Weekly named it the scariest film of all time.

The scene where Father Merrin arrives and is seen standing in silouette outside the MacNeil residence is one of the most famous in cinema history.