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Sinbad Genie

Sinbad played a genie in Shazaam

Sinbad did not play a genie in Shazaam

Did Sinbad ever play a genie?

"Sinbad" - the stage name of the comedian David Adkins - certainly looks like he'd fit well in the part of a genie. Oddly enough, that's exactly what many people claim he did in the 90's and can even remember the movie, the posters for it and the clothes he wore. Yet it appears they are experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect, because no such record of this exists today.

There have been many "Genie" movies and many actors associated with the role, such as Shaq, Kazaam etc.

Lots of people grew up watching Sinbad, so are very familiar with his work. Those that remember his genie role now find it has vanished as if in a puff of smoke, which is kind of appropriate in an ironic way.

Residual evidence

The Sinbad Shazaam Mandela Effect has become one of the better known ones. Unfortunately this has attracted a few hoaxes, such as this "listing" on eBay:

shazaam 700x455

Sinbad is now well aware of the controversy, and added a little of his own in an April Fool's day joke.

However, those who really believe this movie existed at the time, with him in it, will not be swayed and insist this happened in another reality.