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JAWS Poster

Movie poster had bite mark

Movie poster had no bite mark

Fancy a snack?

Some people are saying they remember a bite mark in the lettering of the poster for the original 1975 JAWS movie, but all references today show it as the solid word "JAWS". 

This bite mark is mostly reported as being on the bottom of the "J", but some are saying it was the left. The styling of the "J" is supposed to resemble a fish hook, which fits in with the theme but not so much a bite.

This Mandela Effect is also subject to a flip-flop, where reports of people remembering it with the bite mark on T-Shirts etc, check it's the case but come back later to find it has gone. It's also the second reported with the JAWS movie - the other being "We're/You're gonna need a bigger boat".

Did the swimmer obscure it?

There might be an explanation, although even if this is the case it seems a little weak. Some depictions show the swimmer higher up, so she actually covers the bottom of the JAWS lettering. If that was the case, then at a quick glance it could appear there are pieces missing from it - and they could resemble the bite mark.