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This car can be Ultramatic, Systematic, Hyyyydromatic

This car can be Systematic, Hydromatic, Ultramatic 

What can Danny's car be?

Grease has been staged as a musical many times since its 1978 release, and a few of them filmed. Watching the original today, in the famous garage scene leading up to the "Greased Lighting" song, Danny proclaims "This car is systematic....hydromatic....ultramatic", yet many claim he swapped them around and stretched out they "hydromatic" with an exaggerated raised tone in the middle.

There is plenty of proof of this  where presumably all the different productions collectively "misremembered" the original. Or did it change after they produced theirs?

Best selling album

Some claim the video is different from the soundtrack, yet apparently the soundtrack came from the movie..

Why this car is automatic
It's systematic
It's hydromatic
Why it's greased lightnin'!
(Grease lightnin'!)

The soundtrack album from Grease ended 1978 as the second best selling album of the year in the US, just behind John Travolta's other hit, Saturday Night Fever.

It's not the only change reported by a long shot. Some think that the car itself is now painted differently, the number of dancers has changed and even the line from Kiniki where he says "I get the money, I kill to get the money" has been replaced completely with "we'll get 'er ready".

A Mandela Effect when it's known the movie and separate sound tracks are known to differs is always going to be problematic, yet there are those who are well aware of this yet still say the line changed from the one they remember. Searching for the lyric returns only "Hydromatic" rather than the movie one, so at least that's consistent but doesn't really help with those who say the movie line is the one which was changed.