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Freddy Krueger

Black and red

Green and red

What color was it originally?

Is this a Mandela Effect or a squabble about who sees what color as what?

Freddy Krueger, the evil villain from from the 1984 horror movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street", was as famous for his razor glove as his loud striped sweater. Many remember this being black and red, but see it today as green and red. 

There may be more to this though. There are some instances where the same image can be seen differently by different people - for example, the famous "White and Gold or Blue and Black" dress. Now, imagine how hard things would get if you didn't have a single image like that, but just had to remember what it was like.

Green and Red: Wes Craven says so

Strong evidence comes directly from the director, Wes Craven's, mouth:


Eminem has it different too - this is from "Drop the bomb on them":

Boy don't jinx yourself,
Boy I'm Michael Spinks with the belt,
Stringer bell boy, my name rings bells for itself,
I'm sick as hell boy,
You better run and tell someone else,
Bringin' hell boy, sing them telegrams and get dealt
And to that boy who done said it,
Who said he was better,
I bet he never seen Freddie in a Black and red little sweater