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90's Disney opening sequence shows Tinkerbell writing with her wand

 90's Disney opening sequence doesn't show Tinkerbell writing with her wand

Didn't she write with her wand?

The introduction to the Disney movies featured a slick animation of fireworks around the iconic castle, all accompanied by the majestic sweeping musical score. Many remember Tinkerbell, the little magical fairy named after the sound of her voice, flying round it and waving her wand at the end, conjuring up the famous Disney logo.

Apparently, however, this never happened, and it's a shooting star which is seen in the animation today. Those who remember Tinkerbell with her wand this way could be experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect, because there is no evidence of it ever happening.

Tinkerbell's origin

Tinker Bell, to use the correct wording of her name, first appeared in Peter Pan in 1904. She was initially just a supporting character, but as the many movies and animations she appeared in increased, her role came to symbolise the Walt Disney company.

tinkerbell 106x194Julia Roberts played Tinker Bell in the 1991 movie Hook.

She also had her own animated CGI movie in 2008, the first in the Disney Fairies series - the first to show her in an actual speaking role.

It's also been discussed way before the Mandela Effect became so popular here.

Those who remember her appearing in the intro sequence seem to be certain it was on DVD/VHS tapes, but dig them out to check and find they were "wrong" all along, because as if by magic she's no longer there...