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North Pole

North Pole shown as ice on maps

North Pole shown as just ocean on maps

Santa is homeless

Do you know where the North Pole is on a map, or globe of the earth? Sure, until you actually look at one and find it's no longer there. The South Pole is seen as the huge white mass of Antarctic ice, but who doesn't remember the North Pole being seen the same way?

Even Google Earth doesn't show it - all we see is ocean. Ice is shown on Greenland, whilst Iceland is ... clear.

Maps seem to have stopped showing it in December 2012 - a very significant date to those watching the Mayan calendar back then. Is global warming working faster than anyone realised? In any case, Santa must be very confused indeed.


It's well known there is no land mass at the North Pole.

There is no disputing whether people can actually go there, even though there is no agreed answer to who really got there first. It is known the first explorers were Vikings, but since the Eskimos have lived there for at least 9,000 years it's suspected not even they were the first. The ice does shift, but with care it's considered stable enough to chart and deploy bases there. To be clear, the famous stories of Amundsen, Shackleton and Scott all relate to the South Pole, which is over land.

The Mandela Effect here is that people definitely remember ice being shown on globes and maps at the North Pole in the past, yet are not shown there now. Some are pointing the a climate change conspiracy - i.e., global warming has melted it all. This is suspect at best, because that amount of ice melting in such a short time would have a global impact everyone would definitely notice, not least the significant rise in sea levels and temperatures.